More About Us

  • We are the Perfect Mix of employee and entrepreneur.
  • We are leaders who learn and take risks inside Other People’s Companies’.
  • We use our employer as our Main Income and as our Entrepreneurial Petri Dish.
  • We practice and improve our Entrepreneurial Skills by using Proven Methods and by Sharing and Learning from each other’s experiences.
  • We help each other succeed.

Founded by Clint Moar.

intrapreneurs edmonton, intrapreneurs canada, intrapreneurs alberta, edmonton blogger, alberta blogger, alberta bloggers,Hi. I am in debt, have 2 children (3 and 7) and married for 15 years. I am the breadwinner and work a 9-5 job. My first start-up company (self-employment) was not successful financially. I cannot stop thinking about starting another business but have family and financial obligations. At this time, I cannot quit my job to dive into entrepreneurship.

I found a way to change my mindset about my job and you can too. This change of mindset has liberated me and has turbo-charged my entrepreneurial spirit.

Our new Modern-Day definition of Intrapreneur is life-changing…An Intrapreneur is:

“An employee who uses their job as a place to practice and improve their entrepreneurial skills.”

Whatta ya got to lose?